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Patricia M. Godfrey, SPHR
Managing Partner

A certified senior Professional in Human Resources with over 15 years of Human Resources experience.  Pat has a Master of Science in Human Resources management and Development.  Her experience gives her the ability to provide companies a complete Generalist package, of HR Programs including Training and Development programs, streamlined and efficient policies and procedures and more.


“Pat Godfrey worked as a human resources generalist in Busch Agriculture Resources. Busch Agricultural operated 24 different locations in 5 states with as many as 500 employees during peak season. She possess an excellent skill set in her field and has experience with union and non-union environments. She is very task oriented and has a good grasp of workplace behavior. She was a critical part of designing developmental training and conducting training for a high performance organization.”    
Steve Malin
, President, Busch Agricultural Resources, LLC 

“I've had the pleasure of working with Patricia over the past many years at Anheuser-Busch in various capacities. She is a quick learner with proven dedication and wonderful work philosophy to always do the right thing. Patricia is a great team player, good sense of humor and values people. She would be an asset to any organization.”   
Sharon Palmer, Business Analyst, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. 

"Pat was always a pleasure to assist and work with at Anheuser-Busch. She kept her cool under pressure when faced with difficult personnel situations that required her to contact the HR Service Center. She was always professional and polite with a vast knowledge of the Health & Welfare offerings.”   
Richard Breeding, Supervisor HR Service Center, Anheuser-Busch InBev

“Pat is a seasoned HR professional that knows how to get the job done; the job is never too big or too small. We worked together on projects pertaining to HR data and Pat has always been a leader you can count.”   
Pamela French
, Sr. Analyst, HR Systems, Anheuser-Busch InBev

“Patricia exhibits true leadership qualities: She understands the necessity of a vision and then aligns the different HR components to achieve the vision. She understands the complex world of human resource management with all the new legal implications. She communicates well with and listens to employees' ideas and opinions and makes intelligent decisions. She is respected by her managers, her colleagues, her employees, her vendors, and her customers.”
Karen Evenson, Owner, Katherine Michael Associates & LOS,LLC

"Pat has always represented Anheuser-Busch very well. She has demonstrated her skills in several roles throughout the company and is well respected by her peers. Pat communicates with her colleagues very well and does what she says she is going to do. Pat's warm personality and pleasant demeanor creates trusting work relationships. Pat has a great sense of humor, excellent people and subject matter skills. Pat has been a valued employee for many years."
Gary Cashel, Director, EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

 “Pat is a very unique detail oriented individual. Her quick response to inquiries, follow up on assignments and most importantly, patience with her colleagues, contribute to her well-balanced managerial style. In my experience with Pat, her level of caring for any job or individual, no matter how big or small, is unsurpassed. She will always remain a person that I was proud to work with and call my friend.”
Nancy Emmi, HR Office Administrator, Nutri Turf, LLC


Thomas H. Loch
Managing Partner

Tom has over 30 years of experience in Human Resources Management in supervision, policy deployment and positive employee relations.  He believes that honest and positive employee relations can result in an increased bottom line for the Company and its employees.  With his experience and great sense of humor Tom will address your HR needs in a thorough and uncompromising manner.

“Tom is a highly qualified person in the area of human resources. In fact, it was Tom who was my link to getting interviewed at Anheuser-Busch. I have known Tom for over 5 years and can honestly say his work effort and ethic have been outstanding this entire time. He has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of union contracts, hiring, compensation, and best business practices.”
Greg Miller
, Manager, Raw Materials

“I always enjoyed working with Tom. He had great chemistry with other people. He knew his stuff and he framed issues in a way that made resolution seem easy and obvious. He worked hard, was tireless, dedicated and a great story-teller.”
Brian Schroeder, Senior Manager Human Resources, Fort Collins, CO

“Tom has always been great help in his directions and his wealth of knowledge. I have worked with Tom for over 15 years and he has always been a great team player and has leadership ability. He has experience in many areas of human resources. I have learned a lot from Tom over the years.” April 20, 2009

Elda Hopkins, Office Administrator HR Coordinator, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

"The New Face of HR utilizes nationally recognized professionals in the areas of workplace harassment, labor law, DOL, ADA, affirmative action and labor arbitrations to manage your specific needs. These experts serve provide their services to The New Face of H.R. when necessary."

12430 Tesson Ferry Road
St. Louis, MO 63128

Pat Godfrey 314-607-5329
Tom Loch 314-952-3960


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