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Organizational Development

Strategy and Implementation

Mergers, Closures

Compensation and Benefits

Benefit Strategies

Job Analysis, Description, Evaluation

Incentive Plans

Compensation Surveys

Salary Planning

Employee / Labor Relations

Employee Surveys

Counseling and Discipline

Disciplinary Actions

Proper Documentation

Dispute Resolution Program

Employee Handbook

Policy Manual

Flexible workday Design

Labor Relations

Collective Bargaining

Grievance Handling


Turnover and Retention

Recruitment & Selection Process


Career Fairs

Intern Programs

Employee Assessment

Professional Development

Performance Evaluation

Strategic Planning

Organizational Development

Succession Planning

Employee Appraisal

Performance Improvement Plans

Employee Development Plans


Process Improvement Facilitation

Leadership & Supervision

Personal Development

Respect in the Workplace

Union Avoidance

Management/ Supervisor Training

Human Resource Technical Training



Employee Transition Service


Exit Interviews

Compliance Issues

Governmental compliance

Company policies and procedures

Substance Testing

EEO/Affirmative Action Planning

HR Comprehensive Audit

When it comes to your employees, how do you know where to start?   Whether designing your organization, or finding talented and self-motivated individuals that understand where your business
is going, or developing employees to meet their full potential we can help you.

Whether you choose to outsource your HR needs or use our consultants on a project basis, we have a service plan that will be customized to meet your needs.

The New Face of HR, LLC partners with clients to achieve the most from their workforce.  Helping to
make your workplace a “great place to work.”

To contact a Workplace Intervention Specialist for a thorough workplace analysis call or
Click Here 

We have over 40 years of expertise in effectively diagnosing, assessing and addressing serious workplace issues - threats of violence, physical altercations, intimidation and harassment, and serious performance deficiencies.  We can handle the problematic dismissal of poor performers, and provide the necessary guidance to turn your organization around.

The New Face of HR

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