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Workplace disruptions can cost companies plenty—lost productivity, poor morale, ongoing dissension and most importantly, lost dollars.  Don't let this happen to your business. 
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UNION AVOIDANCE:  Employees seek unions because they lack confidence in their managers to address their issues and most employee concerns are perceived by employees to be beyond the scope of their local manager's ability to address.  They seek unions because with the union, there is a promise that they will get more than they have now.  Also, a third-party gives them an outlet to express their concerns without retaliation and seems to add credibility to their issues. 


Is your Company at risk of an organizing attempt?

 At-Risk Symptoms: 

· Lack of or Poor communication

· Lack of accountability

· Inconsistent application of policies

· Lack of resources

· Poor working environment

· Poor recruiting and hiring process

· Lack of employee development opportunities

· Compensation at less than market rates

· Lack of training for first-line supervision

ach Company has a unique set of circumstances and what it will take to create your Positive Work Environment will also be unique to your situation.  The New Face of HR can help you with any of the following positive employee relations matters.

· Communication Strategies

· Recruiting, Hiring and On-Boarding

· Employee Involvement

· Recognition and Reward Programs

· Performance Feedback

· Employee Development

· Alternate Dispute Resolution


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