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Employees in Transition

Professionally Written/Printed Resumes:


Allow the NFHR to critique and “make-over” your resume, or develop a customized resume for you.


·         You will receive an electronic version of your resume, available for uploading (applying for jobs via the Internet) as well as 25 laser jet printed hard copies of your resume, on 60 bond paper.  This customized service begins at just $49.95, and gets you started with your transitional efforts very quickly.


·         Add a customized “cover letter,” which should accompany your resume.  A well done cover letter ‘introduces’ both you and your resume to a prospective employer.  Allow the NFHR to “bring out your best,” and professionally intro your credentials.  This cover letter will also be provided in an electronic format (available for uploading) for applying for opportunities over the Internet.  Add this individualized service for just $24.95.

Interview Preparation and Practice:


In this very competitive market place, most new job seekers have not interviewed for a position in a long time, in some cases, in several years!  Don’t make the mistake of regaining your “interviewing experience” through a series of initial “not so good” interviews. 


Allow the NFHR to provide one-on-one interviewing skills development, either over the phone or in person, face-to face.


·         This service allows you to “practice” your interviewing abilities through a live, structured interview, conducted by NFHR staff members.  The interview will be a behavioral-based interview, which is the type most employers are now conducting.


·         Sharpen your interviewing skills, and receive coaching and critiquing from the NFHR experts!

You will be provided skill development “pointers” for next or upcoming interview, and have the confidence that you will do well – knowing you are no longer in “uncharted waters.”  This 90 minute, one-on-one development training is just $99.95; and can be scheduled at your convenience.

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Resume Writing


 Networking as a stay-at-home parent


Interviewing isn't the same anymore

(cllick here for FREE White Paper on Behavioral Interviewing provided by
The New Face of HR, LLC)

    SOAR Worksheet to use in preparation for your Interview

Outplacement Assistance:


This service provides on-going support through your transition period.  A NFHR representative is available to assist you one-on-one with your job search efforts.   Being in a transition period can be very frustrating, and will put a strain on your current relationships.   Help yourself through these trying times by having “a friend in H.R.,” a professional NFHR staff person available to answer your questions, help you stay focus, and coach you through this transitional period.  This service starts at just $199.95 and can be a ‘life-saver’ during down days in your search for a new opportunity.


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